The Renal Association

UK Renal Registry

The Twelfth Annual Report

December 2009



This report was prepared by
Dr David Ansell, Dr Clare Castledine, Professor John Feehally, Dr Damian Fogarty,
Dr Daniel Ford, Dr Carol Inward, Dr Charles Tomson, Dr Graham Warwick,
Dr Lynsey Webb and Dr Andrew Williams


in association with
C Byrne, F Caskey, A Dawnay, K Donovan, R Fluck, J Harper,
F Hussain, M Lewis and D Richardson



Suggested Citation

Nephron Clin Pract 2010;115(Suppl.1):
UK Renal Registry 2009
12th Annual Report of the Renal Association

Editors: David Ansell, John Feehally, Damian Fogarty, Carol Inward, Charles RV Tomson, Graham Warwick, Andrew Williams

Publications based on UK Renal Registry data must include the citation as noted above and the following notice:

The data reported here have been supplied by the UK Renal Registry of the Renal Association. The interpretation and reporting of these data are the responsibility of the authors and in no way should be seen as an official policy or interpretation of the UK Renal Registry or the Renal Association.